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Community Races

Open to all Flux community members, of all skill levels. Community races form the basis of all driving at Flux Motorsport & best of all it's FREE TO JOIN

Code of Conduct

We operate a non-discrimination Code of Conduct policy with all members, so our community & races are OK for all ages 13+"

Driver Evaluations

To enter any Championship, or Prize Competition Event, all Drivers are evaluated to ensure our racing is ALWAYS clean

Driver Development

Tap into driver improvement resources, learn new skills, and get help with setups with ASR & RS-DASH telemetry

Exclusive Championships

Our close-quarters, hotly-contested Championships run in various timezones - Flux Motorsport never truly sleeps .

Streams & Commentatry

ALL of our Championship races are live-streamed with Live Commentary! Catch the latest and hottest races on our Youtube channel here!

What's on Offer?

Be A Driver

FREE, clean community racing, Driver Championships and exclusive Prize Evnts... become a Flux Driver!

Flux TV

Catch all the latest actionss, get setup tips and racing tips, or watch some of our greatest races at FluxTV


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Championship Racing

TC Championship

Project Cars 2 | PS4/5

Gr.3 Championship

Gran Turismo 7 | PS4/5

Gr. A

Project Cars 2 | PS4/PS5


DiRT Rally 2.0 | PS4/PS5/PC

some of what we race...
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Driver Reviews

"...F*ckin' awesome Community, always helpful. Staff are friendly. 100% Great racing community..."
"...Excellent! Striving for the highest quality and service in the Motorsport community..."
"...Muy Bueno in every way. Helpful staff, great clothing quality, and overall would recommend..."

Sim-racing Accessible to All

At Flux Motorsport, we pride ourselves on fostering an inclusive and diverse community of racing enthusiasts.

We value individuals from all walks of life, irrespective of their heritage, beliefs, gender, or budgetary considerations.

We extend a warm invitation to all passionate racers who prioritize clean and fair racing experiences, regardless of their financial resources.

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